Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 11: Very Special Day

Today was heart warming for so many reasons. Our last group of students at clinic was a group of special needs kids and they stole our hearts.

We wrapped up the day with our pinning ceremony which is one of the most touching moments of our clinic experience.

On every clinic we receive an alumni pin which is presented by a fellow team member. This is a very emotional time as we get the opportunity to thank each other for the past two weeks we have spent together and share a few special things about the team member you are pinning.

Day 10: Hump Day

It's sad to think that our clinic is in it's last few days.

We aren't just here to provide glasses but to inspire the communities we visit and encourage the kids we meet and each other. We have met kids who are saving for their first car, looking into being a ________. Sometimes just carrying on a conversation can mean the world.

Today Carson showed this young lady her eye and even let her help him out with te next few kids in line.

Along with meeting some really great kids we have had the opportunity to work with amazing volunteers. Pictured here is Art, he has worked with us for several days and has been a huge help in the lab. The local Best Buys have provided several volunteers to help as well as local optometry students.

On every clinic the team hosts a silent auction to raise money for the foundation. Tonight we did just that. The team donated items for the silent and live auctions. Chris Warnek from the Dallas Lab has served as our Fundraiser Captain and hosted a great time. This team t-shirt was signed by many of the children we have seen in the clinic and went for $100 in live auction.

Here is Anamaria Blejan from Wisconsin Dells Sunglass Hut posing with her new purchase, Oakley Jupiters from our silent auction. Proudly between our fundraising page and the auction we have raised $. If you would like to help please visit our page to donate and help us reach our $10,000 goal.

Day 9: Hometown Day

Today was Hometown T-shirt Day!

Carson from Kelowna, BC sporting his 2010 Olympic Winter Games t-shirt.

Tonya and Debbie, both from the Cincinnati area wearing their BearCat gear.

Texas Lingo: yankee, typically a derogatory term for an outsider. "Stupid yankee, can't even drive straight."

The last step in the clinic process is making the children's glasses in our mobile lab. We are very fortunate to have several Core Team members who are extremely experienced in the lab and are willing to train those of us who have little to no experience there.

Here Angie from Houston Lens Crafters is pulling lenses for each kids new prescription.

The lenses and frames are inventoried then the optical center is marked and finally we add what is called a block, a small plastic handle to the top of the lens so the machines can hold it without damaging it. From Left: Jody Fiest, Columbus Lab, Donna Zimmerman, Cincinnati Lab, Carson Maxted, Kelowna Pearle Vision.

Susan Weldon and Juanita from the Cincinnati Lab here on Seemore tracing frames, cutting lenses and putting together complete glasses.

Malisa Sacllia from Savannah Lens Crafters and Tiffany Knapp from Myrtle Beach Sunglass Hut are checking prescription, cleaning and casing up the finished product.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 8: Week 2

Texas lingo: mosey, to walk with little purpose. "Let's mosey around the mall this afternoon."

The final step for the children who visit our clinic is frame selection.

Here Billy is measuring this young lady's pupillary distance or PD. This is the distance from the bridge of your nose to the center f your pupil. We use this measurement to put the optical center of your lenses in the best place for your eyes.

We have a great selection of frames, names Persol and Ray Ban. Pictured is Tonya helping some of the kids pick out their new pair of glasses.

It's so much fun to see the kids faces when they find the right pair.

We made a map of where the whole team is from and hung it in the pre-lab room.

Today Sukmeet had a heart warming experience we would like to share. While working at the auto-refractor she met a young lady named Kaylen. She was wearing a pair of glasses but they two years old as her mother has been out of work. Kaylen prescription is -19.50 and -14.50 -2.50 x 005 meaning she can't see the end of her nose without her glasses. These are the children we are so proud to help and truly touch us.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Wild Weekend

We had a free weekend to enjoy our time as a team or visit local friends an family and attractions. A group of our amazing lab techs started our week by getting 200 glasses made to get us caught up in the lab before Monday's clinic.

Pictured upper left: Chris Warnek, Dallas Lab, Paul, Steve Kimbley, Dallas LC Roving Lab Manager, Scott Lawrence OneSight Clinic Manager, Pascagoula Mississippi.

Veronica Coiner, Norfolk Virginia, Lenscrafters General Manager pictured at Rancho del Viejo our late night dinner stop Saturday night. Insanely large portions for laughably low prices.

On Sunday the group broke up, part going to the Houston Space Center, pictured here, an the other part headed to ...

Galvaston! It was a clouding day but warm for our northern team members.

As always the day ended with great food, Jody Feist, Cincinnati Lab Trainer, pictured here enjoying greek food on her way back from the space center.

When the Galvaston group arrived back those who hung around the hotel shared a meal at Chili's. Top Left: Lisa Barbour, Greg Martin, Scott Lawrence, Anameria Blejan, Billy Thomas, Tiffany Knapp. Top Right: Amanda Krohn, Jane Walters, Paul Craven, Malisa Sicilia, Tonya Hudson.

Texas Lingo: high tail it, move quickly. "Let's high tail it out of here."

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 5: TGIF

Texas lingo of the day: a mess of, a group or unit of mass. "We're giving out a mess of glasses in these two weeks at clinic."

A great big thanks goes out to all our volunteer doctors, without their hard work our clinics could not be successful. We have 16 wonderful doctors working very hard to help this children get the best comprehensive eye care available.

Pictured above: the slit lamp has the ability to look at all the parts of the eye. In some cases we dilate the children's eyes to get an even better look. Our doctors are looking for things like injury, and cataracts.
As many as ten doctors are checking prescriptions at any one time. We estimate that more than 95% of the students we see here in Houston's 5th ward.
Left: Dr. Singh, Houston Lead Clinic Doctor, Dexter Jones, Houston Clinic Doctor Coordinator

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